Designing for the Opposite – When Couples Disagree on Design Styles

It’s always a challenge when designing your home, especially when there is another person who is on the other end of the design spectrum. Yes, opposites attract, but the key to its success is compromise. I have been married for fifteen years, lived in the same home for fifteen years, but my home does not reflect my design style or who my family has grown to be. When it comes to making any decisions regarding new furniture or renovating our home, we can never seem to agree. This is why it’s hard for couples to decorate together for a million reasons. He wants comfortable, she wants beautiful. He wants inexpensive, she wants realistic if not luxury. Ultimately, your space does need to reflect both of your styles in order for both of you to be happy. So here are some simple tips when designing with your partner.

Decide on a Budget
No matter how big or small your project is, decide on a budget that both you and your spouse can agree on. It is easy to get carried away with the project and before you know it, you are spending more than you anticipated. If you can’t come up with a budget on your own, ask your decorator to propose an estimated budget for your project.

Identify your Style
Identifying which of these categories each person’s personal style falls into. Nearly everyone’s design style falls into one of these categories:
• Traditional
• Contemporary
• Modern
• Global/Eclectic
After identifying each person’s style, the next step is narrowing it down a little further to fit your specific project.

Creating your Own
Allow each person to select a key piece of furniture that exemplifies their design style and defines them individually. By having each select a signature piece, this in turn will encourage couples to compromise and create a harmonious space that defines them as a couple.

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A Classic Never Dies!

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with and physically drawn to anything Houndstooth. With that being said, it is sad to say that I do not own one outfit, accessory or home accent that has this AMAZING print on it. If it were up to me, the toilet paper in my home would be in a Houndstooth print, but….I’m not sure how hubby would feel about that. So, instead of purchasing anything and everything that has a Houndstooth print on it, I’ll blog and post beautiful pictures of it instead. 😉

To give you a little history on this print, Houndstooth originated in the 1800s in Scotland and was originally worn as a woven wool outer garment by Scottish shepherds. This print evolved in the fashion world,  becoming a symbol of wealth in the 1900s. I am sure you’ve seen this print many times used by top designers such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel.


An Interior Decorator from the 1930s, Dorothy Draper, wears a houndstooth-patterned suit with a matching hat.

And like everything else in the world, Houndstooth evolved throughout the years, changing in size, texture and color. Typically, it is still most popular in its original black and white colors, but modern day designers have strayed from this classic color way, using bold colors and unique size combinations.

Houndstooth in Fashion

Colorful Houndstooth Print

Of course, this fashion trend extended to designing interior spaces as well. Houndstooth has been a popular pattern seen in Interior Design used in  fabric and wallpaper prints, carpet patterns and incorporated in home accessories.

A classic black and white Houndstooth fabric is used on the dining chairs of this high end restaurant in Paris.


Restaurant 1 Place Vendôme from L’Hôtel de Vendôme in Paris,France

I’m in love with this pink Houndstooth window treatment. What little princess wouldn’t love these treatments in her bedroom?! I know my daughter would adore them!

Pink HOundstooth

These Houndstooth pillows add color and pattern to a neutral sofa.


Too nervous to incorporate a Houndstooth pattern in the home? Why not try a neutral tone on tone pattern like the wallpaper in the below picture. Sophisticated and timeless!


Do you have a pattern fetish like I do? Let us know what it is and we can help you incorporate it in your space. Visit to contact us.

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