Garage – “to have and to hold”

Does the picture below look familiar to you?  Yes my friends-this is what you think it is: a messy garage that has been a victim of hoarding! I’m not going to lie to you, my own garage is looking to head in the same direction as the poor garage from the picture. But I am going to stop myself from this madness and put my garage to good use!

Messy Garage

A lot of times, garages are not only used for storing cars, but for storing your belongings (like in the frightening picture above). But there are many ways to organize all of your belongings so that they can be easily accessible in a clutter free environment as in the examples below.  As you see in all of these garages, a variety of techniques are used to maximize storage space without losing much floor space to park your car(s). Many of these options include slat walls, hooks, ceiling mounted storage rails and not so deep storage towers/shelves.  In the examples below, a number of storage methods are used depending on what is being stored and the space allowance of that specific garage. On a side note, I always urge everyone to verify dimensions prior to purchasing any storage units.

This ceiling mounted application in the example below is great for storing larger items that you may not need to have access to on a regular basis. Just verify that the ceiling can carry the weight of the items being stored.


Not only does the example below have shelving, built in cabinets and hooks, but there is also a really nice mobile trolly that you can move around when doing work in the garage or anywhere outside.

Garage orginazation 2

The slat wall in the picture below is great for storing tools and lawn supplies.  Also, with the built in cabinets and countertop, you now have a small workspace. Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 1.50.05 PM

But say you don’t need to store your car or belongings in the garage and need a different use to the space. Have you thought of converting it to another room? I am seeing this more frequently where a garage is converted into a living space and I think its a great alternative to the traditional garage.

How cute are these playrooms? Not only do you get to move your children’s stuff out of the main living area, but the children can have their own “getaway” space!

Kids Playroom Garage


Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 1.39.36 PM

The garages below were both converted to be part of the actual living area of the home. The  once garage doors are a beautiful architectural element that truly intensifies the character of the space.



And last but not least, my favorite! (Amy, I know you’re going to love this one too) Who said a dog shouldn’t be treated like royalty. This garage was converted into an amazing dog house with chandelier and all!

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 1.37.21 PM

So, if you are reading this post, you have definitely learned a lesson-Clean up that garage of yours and put it to good use. I have given you plenty of ideas to play with and if you still feel lost, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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Things are Lookin’ Up

Where are you sitting right now?  Look up at the ceiling.  What do you see?  I must confess, I’m sitting at home in my living room, and as I look up I see white, white and more flat white.  When most individuals think about the design of a space, they think about the furnishings, the walls, cabinetry, and accessories.  Really, the only time most people think about the ceiling is when they add some lighting, or are scraping the 1970’s popcorn off.  

I was inspired during our last meeting by our business partners Reem and Vanessa, when they were discussing how one of their professors in college used to challenge his designers to think about the ENTIRE space – including the ceiling.  They said that he used to tell his students to look at the ceiling and the bathroom whenever they go somewhere because if they haven’t been designed as well as the rest of the space, then it was a FAIL.  So, in an effort to gain a little inspiration, and remind myself to think about the entire space, here are some really beautiful ceilings.  It’s amazing how a pattern or the addition of one different material or some perfectly placed lighting can completely transform a room:
















So, next time you walk into a church, a new restaurant, or even your friend’s house, take a look up and see if it inspires you!

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Post by Amy B.